Monday, 20 August 2012

Tuscany looks Stunning

Tuscany looks stunning and I want to see the wonderful mountainous scenery or visit fabulous Siena.  Siena looks exciting and the famous Palio horse race where the atmosphere in the town in full of fun and expectation seems a must.

I have never been to Tuscany but would love to. In the words of a chef I should have been born Italian.  I find this beautiful country pulls me like a magnet.

There are so many reasons I would love to go to Tuscany that I have created a Pinterest Board with the link below

A walk in a vineyards watching the grapes rippen in the sun then drinking the sweet wine in the shade.  A Tuscany lunch of meats cheese and fruit watching the mountains glow in the sun would be memorable. I am sure I would be booking my next Villa holiday before I went home.

Visiting the historic building and meeting the people who live here would be  a highlight of my holiday. II Monte farmhouse looks like a perfect place to appreciate Tuscany and the views of Florence in the distance would be romantic.  

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