Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Patient Fisherman

Heron stands waiting for his dinner
I was trying out my new camera today in St Albans park and luckily for me this beautiful Heron was fishing for his dinner.  He was a still as stone which was great for me trying to get a picture as first I had to tie Archie`s (the dog) lead to a bench.

St Albans Cathedral Roof top

The zoom on the camera works well then as I was quite far away from the Cathedral.

St Albans Park

This is where I was standing when I used the zoom to get the photo above of the rooftops. I am not impressed yet with the sharpness of colour in the photos but that is probably me not knowing the best way to use the camera.

                                              I am getting away from this swan he is bigger than me.

I like this photo the geese is trying to escape the swan after just eating some of the bread the swan had earmarked for himself.

  What have you got in that bag bread I hope.

The detail is much better with this camera and I am happy with this close up shot of the duck. I now know how to zoom and how to get a close up shot.  Just need to learn the millions of other things. 

Still Waiting

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