Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Summer Day in the Country

A pretty  butterfly
 More butterflies land on the lavender bush

As I live in a town it is a joy to sit in a country garden and watch the butterflies flutter around the plants and flowers.

I was surprised that one large lavender plant attracted four different kinds of butterflies as well as bees in the few hours I watched.  It has been a beautiful day here in North Wales today and it seems we are not the only ones desperate for some sun.

A corner full of colour

You can see the bee behind the butterfly

A pair of bees enjoyed the lavender and other flowers in the garden.

Lavender bush


A close up of some colourful pansies in their pots

Then a walk down the lane and some pretty wild flower sit in the dwindling sunshine.


Hedge Wildflowers

These pretty wildflowers are just beginning to close

Then the sun sinks down to my left

A walk in the lane

My wish list has changed after today I am now coverting a better camera and a pair of decent wellies for when the sun is not kind. A pair of binoculars and a decent knowledge of wildflowers.  In the meantime I will watch the Olympics but look forward to another walk in the countryside tomorrow.

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