Saturday, 18 August 2012

Getting the Light Right

close up zoom
St Marys church Hemel Hempstead

Practice run for trying to get the light right with the new camera.

Flower garden Gadbridge Park

Haven`t managed to get this right using a manual setting so will go back to the auto and try again.

Flower garden Auto setting

Time for something that moves now 

Quite like this one and its a manual setting

bit dark this one but I am managing ducks and geese ha


The fountain looks really refreshing as its so hot today. I was trying to frame the shot to avoid the bus on the right.  The camera was on auto setting for this and I am struggling to get the light right on manual. will learn its early days.


That`s my practice photos for the day the only ones I am prepared to share anyway. If you would like to see my other blog it is at 

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