Monday, 19 August 2013

Sarah - A short Story

Sarah had a wonderful childhood, she skipped about in the bluebells on spring holidays, sat on Santa's knee at Christmas, and played on the beaches of Cornwall in summer.

Why then was Sarah so intent on killing? she didn`t fit the box of neglected child, she wasn`t bullied at school and daddy didn`t love her too much.
She was intelligent, pretty and popular, lived in a red brick semi and went to a good school. Nothing strange or odd about her, she was just a teenage girl living a very ordinary life.

Maybe when Sarah put the pillow over her grandmothers face one morning she simply didn`t like her granny. Sarah had been staying with her gran for the weekend, they had spent the day shopping, then watched a weepy movie before going to bed. At 5 am as the birds began to sing in the garden Sarah silenced her grandmother forever. Nobody knew, why would anyone suspect a bewildered sobbing teenage girl, she had gone to wake her gran and found her dead, she said. Natural causes, the lady had a heart condition, she was old, so off she went to the next world.

 Sarah enjoyed the drama of sorrow, the black dress, the sympathy, the red rimmed eyes that made her mother look hideous. It only lasts so long though doesn`t it, then people have to `get on with their lives`. Sarah needed another dose of drama, the black sorrowful kind of drama, the drama that has people asking how you are. The heads that shake in disbelief at such a tragic loss and say how hard it must be for you.

Gemma had walked across a train track taking a short cut, so people thought, what a loss for the sake of a few minutes walk to the level crossing. Nobody knew that Sarah had soaked Gemma with petrol and threatened to set her alight. They didn`t hear the choice she was given. Walk across the train track and try to live, or die now by burning alive. They didn`t see the terror on Gemma`s face as she tried to step over the electric cable. She didn`t make it. Sarah was consoled for weeks over losing her best friend.

 Drama, a teenage addiction, yet to be discovered by parents, police and courts, by people researching serial killers, drama its just rubbish soap operas on tv isn`t it.

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