Thursday, 29 March 2012

Reason For Rhyme

This is an entertaining and thought provoking read, a collection of over 100 poems from a new author. Anthony undoubtedly had his own unique style which consistently bring a nice combination of alliteration and rhyming couplets to the forefront without sacrificing depth and meaning – in fact many of his pieces carry very profound and positive messages. There are also quirky, humorous poems and other light-hearted offerings scattered throughout helping to set a nice pace that keeps you turning the pages. Overall the book is more an account of one mans insights into the world he seems to find himself at odds with, though, perhaps ironically, they invariably end up conveying sentiments that I think many of us share. With subjects such as love, loneliness, politics, family, work and faith – the book gives good variety whilst managing to maintain a continuity in style & technique. If you're seeking a breath of poetic ‘fresh air’ in the shape of a great book then this is for you.  Amazon

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Reason For Rhyme This book will make you think, laugh and cry Anthony is a gifted writer. My particular favourite is `To Your Name`  I have copied an extract below.

`We`re given feet, so we may stride,
On concrete streets or mountain sides,
They`ll let you creep or stamp aloud
They`ll help you keep up with the crowd
Your foundations, the first to grow .....
Be grateful for those working feet.

The first 15 pages of ` Reason for Rhyme` can be read free by clicking on the link above and going to the review section. price £6.99 available on amazon.

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