Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Body in the Thames - Review

The Body in the Thames - by Susanna Gregory
ISBN No. 978-0-7515-4183-0
Published by Sphere London

I have just finished reading this book and it is the first I have read from Susanna Gregory. The book is part of several from her Thomas Chaloner Adventure books. You do not have to have read any of the others in the series as the book works well standing alone. 
The setting is London in the hot summer of 1664, temperatures are also rising as England and the Netherlands simmer between war and peace.
Men from both sides battle with the needs of their country and the ability to acheive these aims.  The plot thickens as bodies float in the Thames or die from mysterious illness. The old Savoy hospital holds the Dutch delegation and becomes a virtual prison as gangs begin attacking them. Fuelled by the dark violence from the falcon, who no-one knows the identity of, the plot centres on his wish to destroy the peace talks.
Chaloner runs from one clue to the next, while trying to protect his wife and mourn the death of his friends and former brother-in-law. The book is well researched and creates the sense of mystery and tension I am sure the author aimed for. I will be reading some of Susanna`s other books. It is a good book for anyone who enjoys a murder mystery within a historical setting.

About the author
Susanna Gregory is a former police officer who enjoys field work in the polar regions. She lives in Wales with her husband who is also a writer. Susanna has written over
twenty books.

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