Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Keyboard Calls

I have been busy reading blog posts the past week. There are so many and most are very interesting, I like Vintage cobwebs as she reviews and collects old childrens books as well as many other things. Goodreads are good but so are all the individual blogs and book shops.  I studied Criminal Justice at Uni and thought I had seen enough of acedemic books but I have been engrossed in The Pendle Witches trials from 16 C. Libraries are my stomping ground and I would like nothing more than to spend a year in the British Library.
I am working on my collection of short stories  about prisons  and need to stop getting sidetracked. I visited an old former prison in Dublin recently and you can almost hear the rope swing. Anyone with any interesting anadotes on spooky prisons I would love to hear them.   

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