Thursday, 13 June 2013

Charlies Ghost

Thought is was time I revived my blog so I am setting myself a challenge to write 200 word short stories.

I will be posting a photo and then attempting to write something imaginative around the photo theme.

I have just written this one here

Steam Fair
Charlies Ghost

The flags blew gently in the breeze as the fairground prepared to open once more on the village green. The chains of the swings have been checked for any weakness and the big wheels safety bars screwed  tighter.  No-one was going to be hurt this time the rides spun, no ghost train roof would collapse or children disappear.

The noise of laughter grew louder and pink candy floss stuck to little fingers. The waltzers blasted out music and teenagers hid their illicit cigarettes in cupped hands. Fathers won teddybears by throwing darts and little girls giggled in the hall of mirrors. The sun shone warmly while clowns threw cartwheels beside a stripped tent full of sawdust and ponies.

Then the fog rose slowly over the wet grass wrapping ankles then knees in its misty thickness. Minutes later and it is hard to see at all, rides stopped and stumbling crowds followed the colourful lights towards the exit gates. 

No-one notices that Helen was gone.  The stairway to the Helter Skelter had been filled with people and Helen had just taken her turn on the spiral slide. Only the old fairground hands knew the Charlies ghost had stuck again.

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