Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review - `Lone Wolf `by Jodie Picoult


 Time to make a New Year resolution to review the books I read, can`t believe I haven`t posted on this blog since Halloween! Archie will be my mascot this year he is my sons dog and is a real character. I will include a photo of him each time I post on the blog.

I will start with `Lone Wolf `
by Jodie Picoult

`Lone Wolf `tells the story of a self taught wolf expert who by his adventurous life has split his family apart.  The cast include a remarried ex-wife, a son who ran at 18 to a life abroad and a tomboy daughter who lives with him.

As he fights for his life after a car crash his family battle with the doctors advice to turn off the systems breathing for him. The  family pull each other apart over what to do and who has the right to make the decision. Brother and sister battle each other in court as the wolves in the santurary howl for their friend.

You will need to read the book to find out the ending as I really don`t like reviews that tell you the whole story.

Jodie Picoults trade mark writing of family battles and hard decisions once again weave into an excellent story. She is a master of family dramas.

books books books!

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