Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bingo Lingo blog Post

Bingo Lingo are running a competition to win amazon vouchers and to take part you need to let them know what your bingo lingo is. You can tweet them or create a blogpost

“My Bingo Lingo is (PUT BEST BINGO LINGO HERE) #BingoLingo @CostaBingo”

On a girly weekend away we had came up with some bingo lingo ryhmns so here they are. 

Number 3  this Hippy is Free


 Smirnoff unopened is mission impossible!

so we decide Vodkawitch was Number 6

Vodkawitch is me here I`m telling everyones fortune

 Mary tries the curry

Scary Mary is number 30

Shaz Alison and Jenna

She`s not mine is number 9

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